Nascor Product Family

The Nascor Original Series I-Joists (NJ and NJH) cover a range of applications and can be “mixed and matched” with each other, as well as with KOTT’s MSR Flange I-Joist products, to ensure the best value for your project – based on both performance and cost.

NJ Series

For production-built single family and lowrise multi-unit homes – the most cost-effective choice for homes under 2000 sq. ft.

Depths9½” and 11⅞”
SpansUp to 20’ 6” – See Span Charts
Lengths2’ increments from 8’ to 36’

NJH Series

For production-built single family or lowrise multi-unit homes, custom residential or light commercial projects.

Depths9½”, 11⅞”, 14” and 16”
SpansUp to 27’ 3” – See Span Charts
Lengths2’ increments from 8’ to 36’

Get the Vertical Advantage when you build with Nascor

Unlike other I-Joists, Nascor’s NJ Series features a 2×3 vertical flange, which means it handles like dimensional lumber. While its profile is the same as a 2×10 or 2×12, its strength and stability is that of engineered wood. When you build a Nascor floor that includes the NJ Series, you get the Vertical Advantage.

By mixing the NJ Series with NJH products or KOTT’s MSR Flange I-Joist products, Nascor floors can be “value engineered” – designed to maximize performance and minimize costs.

The NJ’s vertical flange means that it can be used as rim board, header, or a built-up beam. Replacing more costly engineered wood products like LVL with the NJ Series can significantly reduce the cost of a floor system – without reducing its performance. One of the best examples is the use of the NJ Series around stair openings, which can save up to 5%.

Using a single product for multiple applications in a floor system ensures that the floor can be designed to optimize material use and minimize waste, reducing the overall floor cost and simplifying the framing process.

To see the impact of value engineering, compare the price of the overall floor system vs. the price per Lft of the I-Joists when choosing a supplier.

Our Planet

Nascor I-Joists use 40% less wood material per square foot than solid sawn floor joists. In addition, much of our solid wood flange material is finger-jointed, meaning that it comes from faster growing, less mature timber and that shorter pieces of wood can be used. This reduces waste and places less demand on our forests.

KOTT is committed to providing our customers with products that originate from well-managed forests and controlled sources.